Commercial Landscaping

You may think that commercial needs are much different than residential services. However, J. Canas Lawn & Landscaping is experienced in both criterias. Commercial landscaping architecture is a field known for variety. Many companies and property managers want their corporate campuses and shopping centers to look memorable. Having simple lawn decorated with a few flowers isn’t always sufficient.

The good news is that commercial landscaping services attracts some of the best talent in the industry. These experts will know how to really bring out the essence of the property, creating a comfortable environment for visitors and investors. A landscape architect and maintenance expert can also make all kinds of additions: planters, mulching service and more can all be welcome sights to your house. From lawn care service to bigger installations, J. Canas Lawn & Landscaping can help.

If you need professional commercial and residential landscaping service, check out J. Canas Lawn & Landscaping located in Falls Church, VA. We will help with a friendly, collaborative attitude.

Lawn Maintenance

Protecting the health of your lawn is an important aspect of maintaining your property. Regular lawn care can increase yard appeal and protect your property from experiencing unnecessary pests or water damage.

Due to recurring problems every season, it’s vital to practice lawn maintenance on a regular basis. Hiring professional lawn care in Falls Church, VA could be worthwhile, particularly with the amount of tools, products, and equipment needed to get lawns into great condition. We have the skills and knowledge required to make your grass the greenest, thickest, and healthiest possible. With our mulching and spring clean up service we will be able to give you the freshest layout we have to offer. In addition, we also provide irrigation installation to ensure that your yard gets the watering it needs to sustain fresh and healthy. Whether you require lawn mowing or tree service, we’ll make your landscape look divine. Everybody can benefit from our lawn services. Not only do we take our time to make sure you always have an incredible lawn, our excellent services will make your property the talk of the neighborhood.

Whether you have a busy schedule, you’re leaving on vacation, or you just want to enjoy and relax during the summer, we can help you. Don’t waste any more beautiful summer days cutting and trimming grass and contact us today!

Tree Services

If you are looking for a reliable tree company in your area, J. Canas Lawn & Landscaping is your solution. The most common problem is when the trees start to rot, or simply get old. Trees in such conditions cause hazards due to the higher possibility of falling down or catching fire. In either case, you risk injury, liability, and property damage. To prevent dangerous or hazardous environments, it will be in your best interest to contact J. Canas Lawn & Landscaping for tree trimming or removal.

If your trees need any attention, call us at J. Canas Lawn & Landscaping. As a landscaper, we provide high quality tree care and service across the Falls Church,VA area. We also provide stump grinding and removal services.

Mulching Services

Mulching is a process of inbred fertilization with decomposed organic materials to cover and enrich soil in an area for plant growth. It can prevent erosion and decrease evaporation of moisture by forming a barrier between soil and the atmosphere.

Additional benefits of mulching include control of weeds, soil aeration, increased soil fertility, inhibiting certain plant diseases, and lessen any damage from weed whackers to trees. Organic mulches decay over time which affects its usefulness. Luckily, we offer mulch delivery services and a good supply of mulches for different purposes.

Some mulch like straw, peat, and sawdust can negatively affect plant growth because their high carbon to nitrogen ratio causes bacteria and fungi to remove nitrogen from the soil. To maximize the benefits of mulch and minimize the negative influences, we usually apply it in late spring when soil temperatures have risen but soil content is high. You definitely don’t want to pay for mulching and not have the effect you are looking for with your garden.

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